miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Video-based listening comprehensions

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics


Comprehension questions:

a) How many people live in Tokyo?
b) What is Tokyo famous for?
c) Where are many of the train stations in Tokyo?
d) How many hours a day do trains run in the city?
e) What is the top spped of some trains in Japan?
f) Tokyo is a great for shopping. What are the best things you can buy there?
g) Write all the electronic gadgets mentioned in the video.


Fill the gaps

a) Stress is not _________ a bad part of ______________.
b) ... like ___________________, watching _____________ or even ___________ movies.
c) That's the _________ of stress that keeps us ___________ and on our _____________.
d) __________ stress is not just in your _______________.
e) So, whe you're stressed at ____________ or __________ your cells__________ and act older.
f) ... it can affect your ____________, making ___________ cells shrink permanently.
g) ... you can manage stress ___________, to prevent more damage to your __________ and mind _____________.

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