miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

New Yorkers: three short stories

The Christmas presents

Answer the following questions:

1) How much money did Della have to buy her husband's present?
2) What was special about Della's hair?
3) Why was James's Dillingham Young's watch so dear* for him?
4) What Christmas presents did husband and wife buy each other**?
5) Why couldn't either of them enjoy their presents?

*preciado, querido
**el uno al otro

Soapy's choice

Write the following events in the right chronological order:

1) Soapy disturbed* a woman in the street so that she would call the police for help.
2) He decided to go to prison because he needed some shelter** in winter.
3) He repented*** and decided to change his life for good.
4) Soapy stole someone else's umbrella.
5) He broke a shop window.
6) He wasn't allowed**** into a restaurant because of his worn***** out clothes.
7) He was sent to prison for three months.

* molestó
***se arrepintió
****no le dejaron pasar

A walk in Amnesia

Say whether the following statements are true or false:

1) Elwyn Belford turned amnesiac because he worked very hard.
2) When he woke up he was on a train to New York full of doctors.
3) As he couldn't remember his name, he decided to be called Doctor Volney.
4) He had a very good time in Manhattan.
5) In the end, he decided to remain* amnesiac.


martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

Reunión con padres y madres 2º Bachillerato A. Curso 2015-16

Para todos aquellos a los que os pueda interesar (padres o alumnos) aquí os dejo el enlace a la presentación que usemos en la reunión con con las familias que ha tenido lugar hoy 27 de octubre de 2015.
Haz click en la imagen para acceder a la presentación:

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2015


Padlet friends reunited

A continuación tenéis el padlet o tablón de auncios en donde podréis colgar vuestros mensajes. No olvidéis escribir vuestro nombre y primer apellido así como vuestro grupo en los mensajes que subáis al tablón. Good luck!

Si os va mejor hacerlo desde el móvil, probar a acceder a través de este código QR:
Y si queréis acceder al padlet complet osólo tenéis que hacer click en este vínculo:


jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Scary monsters and supercreeps

Kids in 1C and 1D are learning parts of the body using...  MONSTERS!!!

Scary monsters and supercreeps on PhotoPeach

lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Listening activity - USA major cities: Los Angeles

Watch the documentary below and answer the questions:

1) What are the three major cities in California?
2) What other name does the city of Los Angeles receive?
3) How many people live in Los Angeles?
4) Where in the city is Beverly Hills located?
5) What is special about Rodeo Drive?
6) Name one reason why the movie industry is based in Hollywood, Los Angeles.
7) Name two movies made in the Sony studios.
8)Why don't they make too many movies in Hollywood today?
9) How many people does the movie industry employ in Los Angeles?
10) What do Hollywood make nowadays instead of movies?
11) Name two tv series mentioned in the documentary.

domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Recuperaciones 1º bachillerato junio 2015

Los alumnos de primero de bachillerato que figuran a continuación deberán presentarse a la recuperación de inglés el próximo martes 16 de junio:

- Contreras González, Adrián
- Quesada Aguayo, María

- Altur Hidalgo, María
- Calabria del Toro, Antonio
- Chamorro Núñez, Ana María
- Fuentes Rando, David
- López Torres, Yasmina
- Plazas Soto, José Carlos
. Taouil Cortés, María Antonia
. Zamora López, Agustín

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

My own Music Quiz

The original test can be found HERE

Música My music history quiz

All the questions in this test were written by 1ESO (Year 7) students

Who composed the song "White riot"?

. The Ramones
. The Cramps
. The Clash

What DJ wears a mouse head mask on his head?

. Dead Mouse
. David Guetta

Andy y Lucas are from…

. Spain
. Brazil
. Colombia

What year did Camarón die?

. 1980
. 1996
. 1992

What type of music does Romeo Santas play?

. Hip hop
. Bachata
. Pop

What's the most famous band in history?

. Kiss
. Amaral
. The Beatles

What type of music does Rihanna play?

. Hip hop
. Jazz
. Pop

Who composed the song 301?

. Kevin Roldán
. Reykon
. Tito Bambino

What type of musician is David Guetta?

. Dj
. Country singer
. Rock ringer

When did Michael Jackson die?

. 2007
. 2009
. 2003

Nyno Vargas plays...

. Salsa
. Hip hop
. Opera
David Bisbal is from...

. Granada
. Almería
. Sevilla

Iván Nieto is from...

. Argentina
. Mexico
. Spain

Laura Pausini is from...

. Spain
. Italy

Enrique Iglesias is from...

. Spain
. France
. Mexico

Brad Pitt is a...

. Singer
. Cook
. Actor

1Who sings ‘Perdón’?

. Nicky Jam
. Nyno Vargas
. Aloy

India Martínez sings…

. Flamenco
. Pop
. Different music styles

What Spanish band does the song ‘Rosa de los vientos’ belong to?

. Auryn
. Gemeliers
. Mago de Oz

Nyno Vargas is from...

. Valencia
. Badalona
. Madrid

Who sings ‘I’m not afraid’?

. Alejandro Sanz
. Eminem
. Miley Cyrus

Bob Marley is from...

. Jamaica
. Italy
. Colombia

What is the traditional Spanish music called?

. Heavy metal
. Salsa
. Flamenco