viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012


As you all porbably know by now, we're setting off for Gibraltar on a one-day-trip next Friday. We're all getting somewhat excited about it, including myself. We'll be talking about our destination next week, but, before classroom discussion here's some tips for you to bear in mind during our journey:

ID Cards

It is very IMPORTANT that you take your ID with you at all times. The ID cards and licenses stamped by the Civil Guard are required to enter Gibraltar, so everyone will be checked when leaving Martos. Students who do not carry documentation may not board the bus. It is also advisable to check the validity of ID cards.


Hopefully, you'll practise your English in Gibraltar by getting in touch with a community of English speakers (well, actually bilingual), so, you all will be encouraged to interact with the native population. So, kids, be gentle and, kind and always observe standards of education appropriate to the context. I'm sure there'll be no problem at all on this respect.


The legal tender in Gibraltar is the Gibraltar pound (1GIP = 1.19€), but most shops and restaurants will accept euros. Don't bring too much money (cable car tickets are aleady fixed and going shopping in Gibraltar can be very expensive).


Even though we'll be stopping for breakfast and dinner while traveling forth and back , I recommend you to carry food and drink in your backpacks. For lunch, there are several fast food (hamburger, pizza) in town.


The weather on Friday is expected to be warm and sunny and we're going to be walking for quite a long time, so wear light and comfortable clothes and footwear, and maybe a jacket. Avoid tracksuits, please, we're not playing football there.


In Gibraltar there is a large population of monkeys, which are WILD ANIMALS. They may attack if they feel disturbed, so we should not approach them or intimidate them. Even giving them food is forbidden: the fine for providing food to the monkeys is 500 pounds.

And, well I think that's enough , so far. If you want further information about Gibraltar you can check this website:

See you on Monday!!

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  1. adrian arjonilaaaaaaaaaa29 de marzo de 2012, 18:01

    Mr franciscoo I do not how to give me the map of gibraltar
    Iam really sorry I have in my phone the google maps so Ican look It there but i want to give me the map (lo voi a intentar descargar)ok see you tomorrow and I went back to gibraltar another time bye Mr Paco by Adrian Arjona

  2. Hey, Adrián: Did you enjoy the journey? I did, even if you guys left lots of VAZOH ZUCIOH at he restaurant :)