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4A - Oscar Wilde

Hi students!
We're about to take on the reading of Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories by Oscar Wilde. Before starting we should know something about the author and his time.
For that purpose you'll be requested to find out information about this universal writer. All you need to know is here: The official website of Oscar Wilde, and all you have to do is surfing the site efficiently in order to get the information to carry out the following tasks:

Biographical facts:

a) How old was Wilde when he died?
b) Was he born in England? Did he die in England?
c) How many brothers and sisters did he have?
d) He studied at Trinity College. Where's this university based?
e) Did he have any children?
f) How many plays did he write?
g)What are the names of his first and last literary works?
h) What was the year Wilde wrote the most works?
i) Why was Wilde sentenced to two years of hard labour in 1895?
j) Wilde's also famous for his witty quotes. Choose the one you like best and try to explain why you like it. If it is hard to explain, try to provide a Spanish translation.

Timeline: Find out why the following years were important in Wilde's life:

1854 - 1871 - 1876 - 1881 - 1884 - 1885 - 1886 - 1891 - [1892-1895 ] - 1895 - 1900.

And now, let's see what's wrong with Lord Arthur Savile and what his crime was... Enjoy!

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